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I got married in July of 2002, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, she puts up with a lot. I was like this when she met me, so I consider it a preexisting condition and she knew what she was in for, and she did so willingly. But anyway, we have been seeing a trend in lighting becoming an important part of weddings and receptions. Whether it's RGB flood lights or carefully placed warm white mini lights, there is no arguing lighting can make a huge impact in any venue. Personally I’m glad people are leaving the super traditional behind and experimenting with themes, new venues and lighting.

Just because something has always been done that way doesn’t mean it has to, or sometime should be. Weddings are filled tons of things we do, yet have no idea why. An overwhelming percentage of all wedding traditions somehow became part of the tradition because of necessity at the time, or some other culture thought it was a good idea. If you are a groom, throw everybody into a tizzy and ask to stand on the left side. Of course you will be told you can’t do that, the groom has to stand on the right. Why? It’s not a case of always being done that way. The real reason the groom is on the right is so he can grab the bride with his left hand to make sure she doesn’t go anywhere and have his right hand at the ready in case sword play would ensue. That was the established custom especially if the bride was kidnapped, which was also rather common. Yes, that is the only reason grooms stand to the right. I blame the middle ages for a lot of this nonsense, but ring fingers are Egyptian in origin. Some Egyptian guy thought that finger on the left hand had a vein with a direct line to the heart, again…makes no sense, but we do it anyway. The bridesmaids are more Roman in origin and supposed to be brightly colored to help draw the evil spirits away from the bride like some sort of Ghostbuster lighting rod. Flowers, albeit pretty were also for that same purpose although they sometimes used stinky things like garlic. The theory was evil spirits don’t like the smell. In biblical times, wedding dresses were adorned with ribbons the color of purity…blue, not white. White didn’t become a wedding thing until the Victorian era. The list goes on and on. The one thing I never did discover the origin of was Beef Tips and Noodles. I swear ¾ of all the weddings I have been to serve Beef tips and noodles, no idea why. But moving right along.

If you have to do some “traditional things” at your wedding, “because it’s always been done that way”, you might as well have some fun with it. I presented my best man with his own sword. It seemed only proper, traditional, and just about as absurd as having to stand on the right. But all that silliness aside, it's important to make the day your own, if that means you like a crazy shade of purple, go for it. You want and R2-D2 ring bearer, why not? You want a tent lit with your wedding colors, or a dance floor you can see from space, you should go for it, you just so happen to be on a website that can help.

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