Think Pink

It’s October and that means the color pink prevails! Prepare yourself for pink ribbons, pink t-shirts, pink shopping bags, pink packaging on everything from makeup to mixers and even pink football players, all promoting breast cancer awareness. Why the color pink? It is said that pink is the quintessential female color. The profile on pink is playful, life-affirming. There are studies as to its calming and quieting effect and its lessening of stress. In other words, the color pink represents everything cancer is not, so don’t get left behind in showing your support for this wonderful cause. Light up your little corner of the world with bright, beautiful, high efficient pink LED lights from LED Holiday Lighting!

Pink is perky. Pink is powerful. Pink is proud. Remember that totally tubular move from the 80’s, Pretty in Pink? Classic! What about the Pink Panther? Savvy! Pinkalicious the book? Hilarious! I could go on and on but you get the picture. Pink is where it’s at, so prepare to be in-the-pink with our pink Dimmable Spotlights. Pink slips aren’t welcome, but pink Mini Ice Lights wrapped around trees certainly are! Really want to show your support during breast cancer awareness month? Everyone will be tickled pink when you show up bedecked in Battery Operated Pink MicroDots Lights.