Team Sparkle Sphere

Soon, the eyes of the world will be on Rio, as the best and brightest athletes converge to strut their stuff in every summer sport from badminton to synchronized swimming, hoping to snag a medal of bronze, silver or gold. That’s right folks, the 2016 Summer Olympics are upon us so grab some Solo cups, order your LED lights and get permission from your mom to use the power drill, because we’re starting a movement to show our pride for TEAM USA with Sparkle Spheres! SPAR-KLE SPHERE! SPAR-KLE SPHERE! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Why a Sparkle Sphere? Well, most of you know about the 5 colorful rings that make up the Olympic logo. It was designed back in 1912 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin (ooo, a baron!), co-founder of the modern Olympic Games. The ring colors, blue, red, green, yellow and black, represent the colors that appeared on all the national flags that competed in the Olympic Games that year. But perhaps you didn’t know that the Baron’s lesser known brother, the Lord Earl of Diode, presented an enhanced version of the original 5 ring format, which included at the center of each ring, wait for it…a Sparkle Sphere! SPAR-KLE SPHERE! SPAR-KLE SPHERE! Are you googling that fact? Well STOP! Okay, maybe Lord Earl of Diode (LED for short) didn’t do that. Maybe he doesn’t exist at all, but think about it, how cool would each Olympic ring be with a Sparkle Sphere shimmering from its center?! I think it could inspire the athletes themselves to sparkle and run faster, jump higher, dig deeper. SPAR-KLE SPHERE! SPAR-KLE SPHERE! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Lights to be Recycled on PalletSparkle Spheres are not only cool, sporty and spiffy, they’re also ecofriendly. How so? Well, instead of tossing into the trash all those clear plastic Solo cups from last weekend’s BBQ, you can upcycle them into Sparkle Spheres. Additionally, you can send your old Christmas lights to LED Holiday Lighting and we’ll not only make sure they get recycled, but we’ll give you a 10% discount on a future order placed on our website. See? You can be creative AND care about the environment all while supporting the athletes of Team USA or whatever your country of choice.

While Sparkle Spheres are easy to make we do understand it isn't exactly the easiest name to chant. Case in point, my friend, who shall remain nameless. During the construction phase of our very own red, white and blue Sparkle Spheres, poor nameless friend stumbled with her enthusiastic cheering and all I heard was “SPAR-KLE SPEAR”. When I politely corrected her, she started laughing so hard it came out “SPHAR-KLE SPHERE”. That girl is not right.

So go ahead and gather your friends and start assembling your own Sparkle Spheres and, by all means, feel free to hold back one of those clear plastic Solo cups for a celebratory beverage. However, if you find you’re unable to jump on the Sparkle Sphere bandwagon because you’ve either an undying loyalty to the Baron and his traditional Olympic 5 rings OR you just find the name too hard to say, fear not. Simply grab some hula hoops, wrap ‘em in black (our dark purple lights will do the trick), blue, red, green and yellow M5 “Mini Ice” LED’s, crank the iconic Olympic theme and commence with cheering on your team!

DIY Sparkle Sphere make with our 5MM Warm White Twinkle LEDs on White Wire