Stardate: June 20, 2016

The sun looks angry today my friend. For it knows its journey across the sky will be longer than usual. At 4.5 BILLION years old, let me say that again, FOUR POINT FIVE BILLION YEARS OLD, the ball of gas that lights up our solar system is one overworked geriatric. But journey across the sky it shall, and down here, on this rock we call planet Earth, we will celebrate the sun, in all its warm, life-giving glory, for June 20, 2016 is Summer Solstice. SO LET’S ALL HEAD TO STONEHENGE AND GET OUR WACKY ON!

Ahh, Summer Solstice, the day of the year that heralds the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and boasts more hours of light than any other. Did someone say light? We love light at LED Holiday Lighting. That’s why we’re paying homage to the sun and its special day, for the sun is our inspiration; our very reason for being: LIGHT!

Laser Projection Light Adjustable Pattern 1And you should really pay homage too. Can’t make it to Wiltshire, England for chanting, dancing and an entrancing light show cast upon those ancient stones? Then throw your own Summer Solstice party a little closer to home. You can recreate all the mysticism of Stonehenge, right in your own backyard, with the enchanting glow from our LED’s. Want to step things up a notch and really wow your revelers? Laser Projection Light. Say it with me, “Laser Projection Light.” That’s right, Stonehenge will fall over with envy when it hears about the thousands of lights in a 25’ X 25’ kaleidoscope of brilliant color you’ll project onto your house, in trees or on some rocks of your own!

5MM Wide Angle Multi Color Solar LEDs with Solar ChargerAnd because June 20th has extra hours of natural light, go ahead and take advantage of it, by adding some solar-charged Wide Angle Multi Color LED’s to the mix. They’re a perfect Summer lighting option, and there’s never been a better time to light things up. By the time the sun finally does go to sleep, you and your white gossamer-robed guests can keep the party rolling, Druid-style, under the mystical glow of your alluring LED’s.

Now, if a pleasant party lit with LED’s isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d like to celebrate the Summer Solstice ancient civilization style? Sioux Indians abstained from all food and drink on the solstice and painted their bodies in reds, yellows, blues and white and then danced around a cottonwood tree in a ceremony called the Wi Wanyang Wacipi (say that 5 times really fast!). The Vikings used the Summer Solstice as a time to settle disputes (I’ll make a note to call my mother), while some bygone European tribes practiced a ritual in which couples would jump through the flames of bonfires, to predict how high that year’s crops would grow. Yeah, a backyard party’s sounding pretty good now, isn’t it? We’re here when you want to place that order :-)

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone. Celebrate the light with light!

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