Snowfall LED Lights

Snowfall LED Lights

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Snowfall LED Lights

Snowfall LED Lights are great for lighting up any outdoor space for your summer party or for the holidays. The beautiful Snowfall LED lights also known as meteor lights are perfect for hanging vertically along rooflines or at random heights in trees.

Cascading Snowfall Christmas lights are available in different colors and lengths, there’s sure to be a color that will make your display stand out! They can be viewed from all sides, which means even a small number of tubes can create a BIG impact. Cascading light effect runs down the tube light at different drop speeds between each cycle, and random drops when multiple tubes are connected giving the effect of a meteor shower. You can connect up to 200 tubes end-to-end with just one plug.

What Color Lights Should I use for my Event/Holiday?

Pure white and Warm white colors are an excellent choice for many holidays and occasions. White snowfall lights with a white wire is an excellent choice for unforgettable wedding décor.

Halloween is a great time to surround yourself with the colors of the holiday. Orange, Green and Purple LED tube lights will be a big hit in your spooktacular display!

Show your patriotic pride with Red, White and Blue! These are a favorite for summer decorating hanging from trees, or along porches or deck railings.

Cascading LED Tube Lights are ideal for Christmas decorating. Use traditional Red or go with a variety of colors to create the display of your dreams!.

Available in 3 sizes and 9 colors, with unique install accessories available, the creative possibilities are endless. For more information on Snowfall lights, we have included a video highlighting the functionality and showing the gorgeous visual of these truly unique lights! Why settle for less? Competitive pricing, unique versatility, and environmentally friendly watt usage make these brilliant lights the best way to add LED lighting magic to this year’s holiday season.

Don’t forget to check out LED Tube Light Accessories and power cords to make sure you have everything you need to create your own stunning light display!