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SMD G40 LED Replacement / Retrofit Bulbs (dimmable)- 25-Multi Color Pack - C7 Base

Item Number: LED-G40-5MULTI-SMD
Multi Color Pack LED Christmas Lights Replacement/ Retrofit Bulb

SMD G40 LED Replacement / Retrofit Bulbs (dimmable)- 25-Multi Color Pack - C7 Base

Item Number: LED-G40-5MULTI-SMD

from $52.25
Bulb Count: 25
Bulb Shape: G40
Installation Location: Indoor/Outdoor
UL or CSA-US Approved: Yes
ROHS Compliant: Yes
Water Proof: Yes
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SMD G40 LED Replacement Bulbs Multi Color 25-Pack

What is an SMD Bulb?
SMD means Surface Mount Device (diode), so instead of the LEDs being mounted low in the base, the new chips are now surface mounted higher resulting in a much brighter bulb. Going forward this style will be our standard bulbs. For matching reasons, we will stock both styles for the 2018 season, then in 2019 it will be the only bulb we stock.  Less Power - More Lumens! 

These brilliant LED retrofit bulbs replace incandescent C7 lights for energy efficient LED Christmas lighting displays. This 5-pack of dimmable G40 LED replacement bulbs contains red, green, blue, yellow and orange models for versatile multicolor LED replacement.

Each G40 SMD LED bulb contains 3 bright color LEDs within a durable plastic shell. These bulbs won't break when dropped from roofs and patios and are impervious to misplaced footsteps. These brightly shining LEDs are cool to the touch with a 50,000 hour bulb life.

Fully dimmable G40 LED bulbs are fully compatible with light display controllers such as LightORama and Animated Lighting. Dimmable LEDs can simulate incandescent bulb warm-up and cool-down times or gradually dim and brighten for a dramatic lighting display.

LED Holiday Lighting supplies excellent LEDs at extremely competitive prices to save you money fast. Rid yourself of power hungry incandescent bulbs and replace them with energy efficient LED Christmas lighting.

NEW for the 2018 season! SMD Style G40 bulbs ~ Less Power, More Lumens! See for yourself! 

Shop LED Christmas lights from the number one holiday lighting supplier.

SMD G40 LED Replacement/Retrofit Specifications

LED Bulb Count: 3 LEDs per bulb
LED Bulb Shape: G40 (1.6" wide by 2.25" tall)
Lens Color: 25 Multi Pack (5 of each Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue)
Installation Location: Indoor/Outdoor
Hour Rating: 50,000 hour bulb life
Current: 110-130 (Fullwave Rectified/Flicker Free)
Connectivity: Fits an E12 base or C7 socket
UL or CSA-US Approved: Yes
ROHS Compliant Yes
Estimated Shipping: 1-3 Days

Comparison Video of SMD Vs. NON-SMD Dimmable Retro Bulbs

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