C9 Bulb Style

C9 Bulb Style

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C9 LED Replacement Bulbs (SMD)

Light up your rooftops with large Traditional Shaped C9 retrofit replacement LED light bulbs! These retrofit LED light bulbs are perfect for single bulb replacements and for color-customizing your own strand of lights. C9 retrofit replacement LED light bulbs are available in Pure White, Warm White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Teal, Champagne smooth bulb (non-dimmable), and a 5-Multi Color pack (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Orange). C9 retrofit replacement LED bulbs even come in Warm White and Cool White retrofit replacement LED Twinkle styles! The C9 led lighting colors are bright containing 3 LEDs per bulb yet only draw .58w ea. Made of durable acrylic plastic, the C9 LED lighting colors won’t flake or fade. C9 retrofit replacement LED lights are suited for indoor and outdoor use, have low energy consumption, low heat output, are environmentally friendly and competitively priced. Our C9 led retrofit bulbs are also dimmable so perfect for lighting projects that are hooked up to animation controllers. Try C9 Traditional Shaped retrofit replacement LED lights for your next residential or commercial lighting display!

Please check out our LED lighting accessories for 25 ft. C9 socket stringers in green and you’ll have everything you need to customize your own C9 strands. For large displays, we also offer 1000 ft. spools of C9 socket wire in green and white.

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