Remote Control Lights

Remote Control Lights

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Remote Control Color Changing Christmas & Patio Light Bulbs

Introducing the Spectrafit Remote Control Color Changing LED Christmas light replacement bulbs that will bring your lighting display and decorations back to perfection. These remote controlled color changing retrofit bulbs emit the perfect glow allowing you to choose from various pre-set colors with the option to control brightness and speed of the wide variety of pre-selected functions. The bulbs and controller that everyone has been waiting for is finally here. No more climbing on the roof to change out your bulbs for the season, just simply change the pre-set color on the remote control.

Use your existing socket wire or purchase new to customize your perfect display. Recommended by professionals to create the perfect custom light installation that avoids overhanging wire and extra bulbs. Cut your socket wire to length and just add plugs. Plug the lights into the power controller and let the fun begin!  Power Controller includes all necessary supplies, remote, and connectors.  Remote Control Color changing Replacement bulbs do require their proper Spectrafit Power Controller, sold separate. Each power controller can control a maximum of 100 bulbs per controller. Need more than 100 bulbs, just add a controller for every additional 100 bulbs you add!

LED Holiday Lighting is committed to helping you perfect and customize your LED Christmas light decorations with exceptional prices and fast shipping.