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Pure White LED lights

Pure White LED lights are an LED lighting classic. This cool white icy color is one of the brightest led lights available and will add extra pop to any seasonal display. It is the preferred white for anyone doing animated displays or mega trees and mixes well with the many choices of other LED lighting colors available. Pure White is a great way to dazzle and add brilliance to any occasion. Many styles and shapes of Pure White LED lighting are available, from M5 Mini Icicle lights to Cascading Snowfall lights, Twinkle lights, LED Rain Curtain Lights, Raspberry G12 Round LED lights to Net lights, Pure White Tree Trunk Wraps and NEW Color-Rite Super-Brite 3-Piece lights. The icy-hued white looks great in candy cane stripes across a roof for Christmas, twinkling in gardens, around the gazebo or on the patio during the summer. The Pure White color won’t chip or fade, and high quality design, low heat output and low energy consumption, environmentally friendly watt usage and competitive pricing make these LED lights a great choice for decorating at your next special event.

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