American Flag
“Hat guys on little bikes! HAT! GUYS! ON! LITTLE! BIIIIIIKES!!” To say my younger brother was giddy would be an understatement. For it was Memorial Day 1978 and those Shriners, in all their fez finery, were headed our way on mini motorcycles. Personally, I was a bit freaked out by that fraternal order of freemasons, but it brought a frenzied joy to every bit of baby brother Jimmy’s being, so who was I to judge?

Shriners on bikesI think it’s safe to say, we all can conjure up a favorite memory of Memorial Day. Maybe it involves scrambling for candy thrown off a float or covering your ears as the firetrucks blared their sirens or decking out your sweet banana seat bike with flags and ribbons, while in the background, dad was burning all the burgers and mom was complaining about having to, once again, make all the potato salad because Aunt Elaine can’t cook to save her life…you get the idea.

Memorial Day is many things to many people, but at its very heart, it is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service to the United States of America. Men and women who paid the ultimate price so we can enjoy the freedoms many don’t have. For this, we say, “Thank you and we will never forget.”

When Memorial Day got its start back in 1868, it was known as Decoration Day. Decoration? As in make pretty with streamers and flowers and lights? OH MY! Did someone say lights? Now you’re talking! We at LED Holiday Lighting believe a holiday as significant as Memorial Day, deserves to be lit. Not the kind of “lit” as in, “Uncle Phil is lit again.” I’m talking about pretty, bright lights that say, “Hey, Memorial Day is here and we are proud to be Americans (somebody cue Lee Greenwood!) A patriotic pulsing of red, white and blue. Think I’m kidding? Check out this impressive video you lighting maniacs. We hope it inspires you and we hope you have a fabulous, fez-filled Memorial Day!

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