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May The 4th be With You!

May.  Things are starting to warm up a little and we Geeks get to celebrate our favorite day.  Star Wars day.  The uninitiated among you may be  sitting there scratching your heads because there is no official Star Wars Day.  Oh but there is.  As sure as May is National Barbeque Month there is a Star Wars day.  Its celebrated on the fourth of May.  If you are still puzzled say May the fourth in your best Obi-Wan Kenobi voice and it will all become clear.  

Sure, it’s a terrible pun, but it has turned into a rallying cry for us geeks across the globe.  It was declared a holiday in Los Angeles in 2007 so that makes it legitimate right?  Yes, that’s right.. you feel it too.  Let the Force flow through you and pick a side.  

Your Dark Side colors are usually Red; no…that’s it, just red.  There is a long drawn out reason but you probably don’t really care that much about so you will be spared.  The Jedi prefer green, blue and some other colors like yellow, purple and orange if you insist the prequel movies exist 

We Geeks have been known to swap a porch light to one of those colors, or throw up a flood light or two.  Maybe a red and blue spotlight crossed on the garage door.  Of course it makes no sense to most people, but we can’t help it if we are more fun in our own geeky way.  Some of us just watch the movies sipping blue milk.  Some of us do lighting or window displays.  Some of us learned that the homeowner’s association takes issue with a life-size blaster wielding stoormtroopers in the front window.  I guess you could say somebody had a bad feeling about this.  

As you may have already guessed, I’m on a mission to sneak in as many movie references as possible.  In any case the fact remains, there a lots of fun little holidays you can celebrate with your padawons and friends.

Yes its silly, but that’s the point.  Just don’t stay up too late celebrating the fourth, because the next day is Revenge of the Fifth.  Yeah, I know, cheesy even by my standards.  Anyway enjoy the holiday and as you may have guessed the odds of me not getting heckled in the office for this post… you guessed it about 3720 to 1.