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Low Voltage Christmas Lights

No Power? No Problem! Powering lights for holiday or seasonal decorating in landscape beds used to be limited by driveways or walkways, or by having (or not having) an outlet in the bed. But not anymore! With these New Low voltage LED string lights, or the low voltage bistro bulbs and socket wire, you can tap into you Low-Voltage landscape lighting system for power. No more running miles of extension orders across your lawn, hiring an expensive electrician to install an outlet, or having to now light an area you have always wanted to. Great for landscape beds, parking lot islands, gated entrances, or anywhere you have low-voltage lighting but no outlet.

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Low Voltage Holiday Lighting FAQ:

Can LED Christmas lights run off low voltage yard lights?

Yes, using our low voltage 6' transformer power lead you can tie in our 5mm 12v AC low voltage LED string lights or E26 socket stringers to an existing low-voltage landscape lighting system.