June 25th

Aside from being the day that saw an ill-fated day for George Armstrong Custer, I bet you are thinking there is not much that could be of significance, certainly not enough to write about.  You are mostly right.  I generally like finding silly holidays and exploiting those for my own amusement.  Upon consulting my favorite holiday website, I realized there wasn’t a thing I could do with today’s official holidays; National Catfish Day, or Log Cabin Day.  There is one very unofficial day, even more unofficial than Star Wars Day, takes place today.  We in the Christmas community refer to it as either Halfmass, or LEON Day.  That’s right, we are exactly half way to Christmas.  The LEON thing is Noel spelled backwards, I have no idea why they thought that was appropriate.  I would have gone with EL Day..now that is half way through Noel, or would it be NO day, since we read left to right in this country?  Well, it doesn’t matter, the fact remains it is a mere 6 months until Christmas day.  We here at LED Holiday lighting are already in full swing.  We maintain an impressive stock of LED lighting all year round, but semi-truck containers, direct from our chosen manufacturers, have been arriving and will continue to do so in order to provide you the best selection for all your holiday lighting needs.  Stay tuned to see all the new shinny items for 2017.