Choose from three unique styles of LED Sphere Lights

7.5” LED Sphere Light

The more traditional choice in terms of sphere lights, outfitted with 120 evenly-spaced 5mm LED lights.

6” Holographic LED Sphere Light

Equipped with a multi-function controller, the Holographic LED Sphere Lights can change effects with the push of a button. Try ‘Steady On’, ‘Phasing’ or ‘Slow Twinkle’.

16” - 32” Folding LED Sphere Light

Available in 16”, 20” and 32”, our new Folding LED Sphere Lights feature 200 5mm LEDs that ensure the spheres shine bright in any setting. Quickly set up, take down and store the spheres thanks to the innovative folding feature.

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Hanging Sphere Lights round out any lighting display or celebration

LED Sphere Lights can serve as the focal point of a room, but they also work great when used to set edges or boundaries of outdoor areas. Hang the LED Sphere Lights at varying heights from a ceiling, canopy or gazebo. For a whimsical display, scatter the spheres amongst a big tree, line the aisle of a wedding, sidewalk or winding driveway to create a magical pathway.

A great alternative to traditional decorating methods, align the glowing orbs overhead and simply soak in the ambiance.