Chasing Rain Curtain Lights

The New LED Rain Curtain was designed for the creative commercial decorator. This flexible one piece, wide angled LED lighted curtain measures 10’ wide and hangs 10 feet long. The LED Rain Curtain is an 8 channel chase curtain which creates the eye catching effect of a rainfall or waterfall.  Adjustable to 5 different speeds with memory.

There are a variety of stunning ways you can display these LED Rain Curtains. They can be hung in a window or on a focal point wall, from a balcony, on a theater stage, in a shopping mall and in an entry way. LED Rain Curtains are the perfect addition to a wedding or special event.

The flexible wire makes it easy to drape or wrap interior tree branches to create an extraordinary display. Combine with a translucent material to multiply the effect and create elegance…the possibilities are endless.

The LED Rain Curtain is rain proof and UL approved for indoor/outdoor use. It is IP44 rated.  Our LED Rain Curtain lights are available in 2 colors - Pure White and Warm White.

If you have any questions about our LED Rain Curtain Lights, contact us online or call us at 855-800-5055.

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