LED Lighting Animation Videos

As LED Christmas lighting becomes more and more popular for a variety of reasons from low energy consumption to overall safety, LED lighting is being utilized in more and more dynamic Christmas light animations. Below are several Christmas LED Lighting animation video's from friends of LED Holiday Lighting. Please take the time to watch their wonderful work! If you would like your Christmas Led Lighting video(s) posted here, Contact Us and we will provide you with more information.

Put on your own Holiday animation light show with LED Lighting

With energy efficiency, high quality, and overall safety, LED lighting has become the ideal choice for both residential and commercial holiday lighting. LED lights use 90% less electricity allowing you to put on your ideal Christmas light show without worrying about a huge electric bill. Led Christmas lights convert 90% of their energy to light vs. conventional incandescent lights strands converting their energy to heat, making LED lighting safer for indoor/outdoor Led Christmas lighting applications. LED Christmas lights are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to satisfy the requirements of any holiday light show. Get the unique lights you need to make your animated Christmas display light up the holidays here at LED Holiday Lighting. Shop LED Lights Now.


Steel City Christmas Lighting

210,000 LED Christmas lights light up this Pittsburg Christmas light display from Steel City Christmas. This computer animated LED Christmas light show was produced to Jethro Tull’s Holly Herald in 2008. Visit Steel City Christmas for more past season’s Christmas Lighting videos and information on where to see this amazing Christmas light show this holiday season.

Holdman LED Christmas Lighting Display – Music Box Dancer

LED Christmas light design by Richard Holdman produced to Music Box Dancer by DJ Schwede. Richard Holdman spent over 250 hours designing this Christmas light display, making the leaping arches, and programming the display. This 2007 season Christmas light display featured 45,000 LED lights, 76 channels, powered by wind energy, and controlled by software and hardware from Light-O-Rama. This light show’s accompanying music is broadcast over a local radio station for viewers to listen. See Richard Holdman’s Christmas light show in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Music Box Dancer - Holdman Christmas Display 2007 from Richard Holdman on Vimeo.


Gilbert Christmas Light Display

The 2007 season Gilbert LED Christmas light display in Arizona features 43,000 led Christmas lights, powered by 32 channels, controlled by Light-O-Rama computer animation program. This Christmas light display is produced to Deck the Halls. See the Gilbert Christmas lighting display this season. Visit Gilbert Christmas Lights for more info.

    • Number of Lights: 43,000
    • Number of Channels: 32
    • Animation Program: LightORama
    • 2008 Goals: 64 more channels , 30,000 more lights, and much more



Gardner Christmas Light Display

The 2007 season Gardner Christmas Light display features 90,000 Christmas lights, 416 channels, controlled by LightORama computerized animation program. 90,000 lights dance to Silver Bells by Atlanta Rhythm at this 2007 Gardner Christmas light display in Texas.

    • Number of Lights: 90,000
    • Number of Channels: 416
    • Animation Program: LightORama



Lights on Display

2007 holiday light display in California from Lights on Display. This 2007 season Christmas light display features 90,000 lights, 96 channels of lighting and 9 channels of DMX control. a 16' tree, a moving spot light and gobo projection, and an original synchronized video projected into the center of a 8' wreath which interacts with the lights. Check out next seasons Lights on Display Christmas light display. Visit Lights on Display for more info.

    • Number of Lights: 90,000
    • Number of Channels: 96 channels of lighting and 9 channels of DMX control
    • Animation Program: Animated Lighting
    • 2008 Goals: TBD!


Make your own Animated Christmas LED Light Display

Get all the LED Christmas lights you need to create your own energy efficient Christmas light display here at LED Holiday Lighting. Shop indoor/outdoor LED Christmas lighting online and start planning your Christmas light display. Don’t forget to submit your animated Christmas LED Lighting videos to see them featured on our site! Contact us for more information.