C7 / C9 LED Lights

C7 / C9 LED Lights

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Shop C7 and C9 LED Christmas Lights Online

Light up your rooftops with traditional shaped C7 and C9 LED lights! These LED lights are perfect for outlining buildings, rooflines and lighting large trees. C7 LED lights are available in Warm White, Pure White, Red, Blue, Green and Multi-colored (Red, Green, Blue, Gold and Orange). C9 LED lights are available in Pure White, Warm White, Green and Multi-Colored (Red, Green, Blue, Gold and Orange).

The bright colors will never flake or fade! Made of durable acrylic plastic, C7 and C9 lights are suited for indoor and outdoor use, have low energy consumption, low heat output, are environmentally friendly and competitively priced. Try C7 and C9 LED lights for your next holiday project!

C7 and C9 Christmas Light Bulbs