Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Christmas Lighting Displays

How to Install LED Light Strings: Adapters and Taps

Find out which LED Christmas light adapters and splitter taps you’ll need to create your next beautiful LED lighting display. All residential LED Christmas lights feature the standard Edison-style wall plug. These light strings have stackable male+female plugs for up to 43 LED light sets strung end-to-end. Commercial LED lights use coaxial plugs with waterproof O-rings and screw-on, tamper proof connections.


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LED Strand Comparison: Premium Grade vs Big Box Brands

LED Holiday Lighting supplies superior quality, long lasting LED Christmas light strings. Cheap LED Christmas lights from big-box stores often use inferior two-piece construction, which allows moisture to ruin the LED lights. If your retail bulbs are burnt out by year two, you can blame two-piece construction. LED Holiday Lighting uses fully water resistant one piece and three piece LEDs in our brilliant light strings.


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LED Bulb Types: 5mm, M5, C6, C7, C9, G12, G25 and Snowfall Tubes

See the difference between LED Christmas light styles- from traditional M5 LED strings, to G25 LED retrofit bulbs. 5mm and M5 net lights are an easy, low-labor way to cover a tree or shrub with scores of beautiful LED lights.

Also watch our snowfall LED light tubes in action. These unique, cascading LED Christmas decorations are also known as meteor shower LED tubes.


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Color-Rite Holiday LED Bulbs: 3-Piece Construction

These bright Christmas LED lights feature three-piece construction for flexibility and water resistance. One-piece LED bulbs are dramatically more water resistant than two-piece bulbs from a standard retail store, but can’t be swapped and customized. LED Holiday Lighting’s new three-piece bulbs consist of a socket, an LED chip, and a water resistant bulb cover. These premium quality LED bulbs come in 5mm smooth, M5, C5, and C9 styles.


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