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LED Dimmable Replacement Bulbs for Holiday Lighting

We have been selling the original Dimmable Retrofit Bulb since 2009!

LED Retrofit bulbs are the best choice to revamp any decorating project. The customizable power of LED Christmas lights makes any occasion a bright one! LED Retrofit Christmas lighting enables the user to dim or increase the bulb’s brightness, making the LED Retrofit lights ideal for literally any mood, season or application. These LED Retrofit replaceable bulbs have a softer chase than any other incandescent or LED light and have a long steady fade-up sequence. To prove how durable our Retrofit LED Lights are, we subjected them to many field tests and had the functions rigorously tested by Light-lor-Rama and Animated Lighting. Retrofit LED lighting is an amazing innovation and it’s great for any season and any project. See the amazing Christmas decorations people have fashioned from Retrofit LED lights in the video!

Retrofit Bulb Dimensions

C7: 0.80" width X 2.00" height C9: 1.15" width X 3.25" height
G30: 1.05" width X 1.75" height G40: 1.60" width X 2.50" height
G50: 2.00" wdith X 3.00" height F50: 1.80" width X 4.50" height
PAR38: 5.00" width X 5.25" height PAR30: 4.00" wdith X 3.50" height

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Check out our large selection of retrofit LED lights available in different LED bulb styles and colors. Upgrading existing C7 and C9 displays and light strings to energy saving LED technology is easy with our proven LED retrofit bulbs. Just screw these into existing sockets and enjoy the energy savings.