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  • Large DRiBOX
  • Large DRiBOX
  • Large DRiBOX
  • Large DRiBOX
  • Large DRiBOX
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LEDHolidayLighting is proud to present the leading weatherproof box in the market - The DRiBOX

The DRiBOX design incorporates a very simple hinged clamp mechanism, that can be opened or closed in a second, allowing you to open/close immediately without the need to release or tighten screws. The lid also features an innovative waterproof interface which moulds around cables when clamped to the box, giving you complete seal and peace of mind. The volume of the box is also considered a key design feature, as the box much larger than current models available on the market - Even the smallest size can house a Triple Tap, and still have room for excess cable. This product is a must for your Holiday Display this year, and it can also be used throughout the year to protect electrical connections during gardening and outdoor maintenance jobs. Product Dimensions: 13" x 9 " x 5.5" Connectivity: 5 Silicone moulded channels to run cords in/out of the box Recommended Uses: Keep any electrical connections dry and secure - Christmas/Holiday Lighting, Parties, Festivals, Garden, Water Features, Swimming Pools, Tools, Electrical Power Equipment, Pressure Washers, Camping, or Boating
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