St. Patrick's Day Shamrock

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!      Erin go Bragh!      Kiss me I’m Irish!
Let go of me Lucky Charms!

Well, this can only mean one thing: St. Patrick’s Day is fast-approaching, so prepare the corned beef and cabbage, grab a Guinness and pull out the green lights. It matters not if you’re 100% Irish or Irish-at-heart, getting into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day is easy with LED Holiday Lighting. But before we get to lighting, let’s have a quick lesson as to WHY we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick’s Day can trace its beginnings back to Chicago, 1970, when McDonald’s first launched their shamrock shakes. No wait. That’s not right. Ireland! St. Patrick’s Day has its roots in Ireland, where shamrocks are synonymous with fields of green, not green-dyed ice cream concoctions.

Ancient lore (and Wikipedia) tells of a British man named Patrick who, at the age of sixteen, was kidnapped by Irish raiders and taken as a slave to Gaelic Ireland, where he spent six years working as a shepherd. During this time he "found God”, eventually made his way back to England, became a priest, went BACK to Ireland, this time of his own accord, and converted thousands of pagan Irish to Christianity. The story of Patrick driving “snakes” out of Ireland is actually a fable, meant to symbolize his mass conversions of sinners into saints. SPOILER ALERT: Ireland never had any actual snakes. Saint Patrick, as he was later dubbed, died on March 17, thus giving us the sacred day on which we celebrate not only him, but the heritage and culture of the Emerald Isle itself.

Now it’s time to cue U2 and the green lights! Want to add a wee bit o’ Irish to your bar, patio or deck? You bet your lucky leprechaun you do! From 5mm pure green LED light strings to green icicle LED lights on white wire, LED Holiday Lighting has the luminescence you need to feel the luck o’ the Irish and that’s no Blarney! Feeling super lucky? Then why not go for the LED lighting trifecta by stringing orange, white, and green LED lights together for an Irish overload that’ll have your guests grabbing for that pot o’ gold quicker than you can say, “Irish I was in Dublin!” Yes, St. Pat himself would be proud as you and your guests belt out, “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” as you gaze upon two glowing 7.5" Green LED Light Spheres.  

Happy St. Patrick’s Day You Lighting Lads and Lassies!

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