G30 SMD LED Replacement Bulbs - C9 Base - Dimmable

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SMD G30 LED Replacement / Retrofit Bulbs

What is an SMD Bulb?
SMD means Surface Mount Device (diode), so instead of the LEDs being mounted low in the base, the new chips are now surface mounted higher resulting in a much brighter bulb.  Less Power - More Lumens!

G30 SMD LED Replacement/Retrofit Bulbs are great for lighting display customization and replacing individual G30 LED bulbs. By using LED Holiday Lighting G30 LED bulbs, you can save over 80% of your lighting display energy costs. LED light bulbs will help reduce your energy bill and still allow for great lighting for both practical and holiday use for up to 50,000 hours. Replacing old C9 (E17 Base) bulbs with dimmable G30 LED bulbs will turn your incandescent string into an energy efficient LED display.

Dimmable G30 LED bulbs will mimic the incandescent light bulb cool-down and warm-up, giving a dramatic lighting display, gradually dimming and brightening the room. These energy efficient LED bulbs will stay cool throughout the lighting duration.

The G30 LED bulbs work well with LightORama, Animated Lighting, and much more.

Not only are LED bulbs excellent for providing low energy cost, they are very durable. These unbreakable LED bulbs can sustain impact from falls off roofs and patios, as well as being stepped on.

LED Holiday Lighting strives to provide you with excellent LEDs at competitive prices. Replace your energy wasting incandescent bulbs with energy efficient LED lighting.

Shop LED patio and bar lights for festive deck lighting.

Manufacturer: Minleon

Bulb Shape:
Installation Location:
UL or CSA-US Approved:
Hour Rating:
50,000 Hours
ROHS Compliant:
Recommended Uses:
Non-traditional decorating, Summer or patio lighting, Suspend from Trees/Rooflines/Building Structure
Bulb Construction: