Commercial LED Strings

Commercial LED Strings

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Commercial Holiday Lights

Commercial grade LED Christmas lights are made primarily for installers, and commercial displays. They are also ideal for homeowners and are designed to withstand the most brutal winter conditions. Commercial Christmas LED light strings will shine brightly in your display for many seasons.

Lights are available with white or green cords, to blend in with the landscape or snow. White corded strings are also a popular choice for wedding decorating.

What’s different about Commercial LED Lights?

Commercial LED tree lights use coaxial plugs with waterproof O-rings and screw-on, tamper proof connections (power cord sold separately). These light string plugs allow for up to 60 LED light sets strung end-to-end (non-RY products can connect 125 light sets end-to-end). Plugs are the standard type wall plug.

There is a large selection of taps, splitters, and spacer wires available to create your next unique lighting display. Taps/splitter connectors allow you to run lights in different directions and split the power between those light strings. Spacer wires/extension cords creates unlit space between light strings, which is useful to jump between windows and trees or bushes without leaving a trail of lights between them.

Don’t forget the power cords! They are required to power Commercial Christmas light strings. Refer to particular string light to see how many lights the power cord will support. With energy efficient LED lights one cord can go a long way!

What Size LED Lights should I use?

5mm with its small size, but high intensity light is quite popular for Branch wrapping, bushes, small to medium trees, railings/posts, indoor trees, garland or wreaths.

M5 have a traditional mini-light shape and are favorites used on bushes, small to medium trees, railings/posts, indoor trees, garland or wreaths. The M5 LED strings are also available in a twinkle version.

G12 are a cute little raspberry shape that work great on wreaths, small to medium. Christmas trees, and garland. They also look nice wrapped around branches or railings. With many different colors to choose from, there’s a little raspberry light for any occasion.

C6 shape, some liken the bulb shape to a strawberry, but these lights are often used on medium to large trees and wreaths, as well as bushes. They also work well outlining small structures and signs.

The large size commercial grade LED C7 and C9 bulbs really packs a punch in displays. Use on large trees, along rooflines or eaves. Outline structures, scenes, or along driveways and pathways for a big impact display.

LED Holiday Lighting has everything you need to make your unique and creative commercial or home LED light display a reality.

Shopping off season? Find them at post-Christmas prices in limited quantities on our LED clearance sale page.