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LED Light Examples

There have been many questions on how the color changing products work and what they look like. On this page LED Holiday Lighting has posted videos of our LED lights in action - enjoy!

Halloween LED Lighting Example

Be sure to check out our LED Halloween Lights and create your own Halloween LED light display

Our LED Halloween Lighting example depicts a variety of the fun and creative lighting presentations you can construct with our LED Halloween Lights. This video portrays some of our most popular LED Halloween Lights and Halloween decorations in the creepiest and fanciest Halloween environments.

Haile's Haunted Haas - 2004


LED Retro Color Changing Bulbs

These LED Retro bulbs will all change colors independently of one another. They will start out the same after about 1 min they will all be on different color patterns. They come in all of our LED Retro bulbs Styles. It is a very unique bulb!

LED Retro bulbs change colors independently of one another. The LED Christmas lights begin on the same pattern, and after roughly 1 minute the LED Christmas lights diverge to follow different color patterns.LED Retro bulbs are available in all LED Holiday Lighting styles – we have videos showing the C7 “Strawberry” bulbs and Raspberry styles. The LED Retro color changing light is a very unique bulb!LED Christmas lights use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and are 90% MORE energy efficient. The LED Retro bulbs themselves are extremely durable; in field tests the bulbs stood up to being dropped off roofs and run over by cars. LED Retro bulb colors can be switched out due to a new three-piece design which fully protects changeable bulbs from the elements.

LED Retro (2) Color Change Bulbs

These LED Retro bulbs New in 2008! They come in all of our LED Retro bulbs Styles.With LED Retro replacement color bulbs available for purchase, you’re enabled to have a string of all red or all purple, all green, all blue, etc. etc. For a dramatic, amazing and downright cool effect, LED Holiday Lighting presents these LED Retro color changing lights. The video shows the variation of these bulbs, and all the beautiful, brilliant colors are brightly illuminated exactly as they are in life.


LED Retro Twinkle Bulbs

These LED Retro bulbs New in 2008! LED Retro Twinkle Bulbs They come in all of our LED Retro bulbs Styles. Twinkle bulbs are a great creative way to add a little sparkle to the season! These twinkling lights blink on and off, so a plethora of beautiful LED Retro colors flash on and off throughout your LED Christmas Lighting display, your LED party lights, LED wedding lights, etc. We recommend the use of these LED Retro Twinkle bulbs to make up 10-15% of your display if you want to use them simply to accent, or use all Retro Twinkle LEDs for a truly dramatic effect! These LED Retro Twinkle bulbs are extremely durable and exceptionally long-lasting, resistant to weather damage, and the soft yet vivid colors are the perfect way to make any season bright.


Light Bulb Comparison: Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent, and LED Lights

  • The following video is a great example of exactly how energy efficient LED bulbs are. When compared to the market standard incandescent and fluorescent lights used for years, LED lights are more energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing with their Warm White glow, something developed in recent years. An important thing to remember from this video: it was made in 2007, and while the wattage information it provides is correct and absolutely reveals one of the biggest reasons LED bulbs are vastly better than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, the video is outdated in claiming LED’s don’t measure up to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs in light output. LED progress has been marching on, and many variations of LED bulbs are available today. Today’s LED bulbs boast brightness comparable with incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, warm, inviting glows, and the self-same low energy consumption with high light emission the LED in this video possesses. With low heat safety features (an added bonus to the low energy consumption of LED lights) and lifetimes spanning upwards of a decade, today’s LED’s are truly exceptional science. See the video for more information, and don’t try this at home!


LED Retro Color Change Twinkle Star

  • LED lights are great for easy holiday projects. LED Retro Color Changing Twinkle lights are a real stunner no matter how you use them; the flicker of colors and the soft fading in and out makes any application of our LED Retro lights fancy and exciting! Use these great light strings as LED Christmas lighting roof strings, wrap them around trees, use them to make your party a night to remember, or make interesting shapes with them just like the LED C9 Retro Color Changing Twinkle lights to make a star – the effect is beautiful and ever-changing. Get your LED Retro Color Changing Twinkle lights from LED Holiday Lighting online – our great prices enable you to have the extra cash to make something special of your LED Christmas lights this holiday season! Thanks to Evan for this video!


"Thriller" Animated LED Light Show:

Demonstration video of our Animated LED Halloween Pumpkin Light Production unit. Watch as our LED Halloween Pumpkin Lights mouth the words to Thriller. Buy this Animated LED Halloween Pumpkin Light online.

Make this Halloween a thrill to remember with our animated LED Halloween Pumpkin Lights. Watch as our LED Halloween Pumpkin Lights mouth the words to Thriller! Our LED Halloween Pumpkin Lights are a festive addition to any indoor or outdoor environment, from holding a Halloween séance around the kitchen table to illuminating the ticket line to you hayride or haunted house. While you’ll be amazed at the radiance of the G12 LED lights piercing through the dark, each LED Halloween Pumpkin Light’s unique expressions and lip-synching gestures makes them incredibly life-like! The LED Halloween Pumpkin Lights are programmed to operate on an individual basis and mouth the words to five classic Halloween songs. Halloween is about more than just being spooky. Boogie in the flickering shadows of our LED Halloween Pumpkin Lights with music’s greatest boogie men! Shop LED Holiday Lighting for LED Halloween lights and Halloween decorations online!


"This is Halloween" Animated LED Light Show:

Our LED Halloween Pumpkin Light animation is demonstrated in this video as these four LED pumpkin lights mouth the words to This Is Halloween.Buy this Animated LED Halloween Pumpkin Light online.

The spectacular color changes of our LED Halloween Pumpkin Lights combined with this haunting rendition of “This is Halloween” will make for a truly definitive Halloween experience! Our LED Halloween Pumpkin Lights are waterproof, ideal for dressing up any indoor or outdoor Halloween environment with colorful, commercial grade G12 LED lights and five classic Halloween tunes. Each individual LED Halloween Pumpkin Light can perform as a soloist, displaying their distinct personality through unique facial features and singing expressions. Experience how our LED Halloween Pumpkin lights redefine the pumpkin’s traditional Halloween role, shop LED Holiday Lighting for the most affordable Halloween lighting and Halloween decorations online today!


Fire Truck Light Display:

This amazing light display utilizes high quality LED Holiday Lighting lights to create a breath taking light and sound show. Ladder 229 of Denville celebrates the holiday season in style.

The Denville Fire Department, Ladder 229 used the following LED Holiday Lighting products to build this display: Red M5 Mini Ice LED Lights, Green M5 Mini Ice LED Lights, Warm White M5 Mini Ice LED Lights, Multi Colored M5 Mini Ice LED Lights, Blue M5 Icicle LED Lights, Warm White M5 Icicle LED Lights.