College Ready
“School days, school days, dear old golden rules days.”

Ahh, it’s time to start thinking about back to school shopping and, for some, that means outfitting the domicile known as a dorm.

I remember heading off to college, our station wagon loaded with all the essentials a freshman could want back in the late 80’s: a HotPot, a Smith Corona WordSmith Electric Portable Typewriter, 3 milk crates, a bean bag chair and 2 sets of twin XL bedding from Sears. Nowadays, kids seem to need, nay DEMAND, a lot more for their foray into higher education, resulting in the parents being A LOT lighter in their wallets. A MacBook, a flat screen HD television, UL listed compact refrigerator/microwave combo, a balance ball chair, PBA free microwave dishes, inspirational posters and plaques, Pottery Barn bedding, affirming crystals and organic snacks. Blech! Whatever happened to cold Spaghetti O’s and Mt. Dew? Kids these days.

Anyway, an essential to every dorm room that did not exist when I went off to school is decorative LED lighting! “Are you kidding?” you ask. “Of course not,” I say. How “AH-MAH-ZING” will one’s dorm room look bathed in energy efficient, color changing LED lights? Your floor’s throwing a luau-themed party? Not a problem! A combo of gold/yellow Mini Ice lights topped with a set in green and, voilà, you’ve got yourself an instant palm tree. Dot the room with purple, orange and yellow Strawberry LEDs to add a splash of tropical color. Mimic the beautiful red hibiscus with our Red Cherry Blossom LEDs. Finish it all off with a few strategically placed holographic spheres in white and blue and you’ve nailed that island sky. The kooky co-eds will think they’ve been transported to Hawaii (the party punch may help that too!).

Wish to wow the RA and get on his good side before it’s too late? Treat him to a Sparkle Sphere, appropriately lit in your school’s colors. SPAR-KLE SPHERE! SPAR-KLE SPHERE! Were you even aware that Solo cups came in colors other than red? Well, they do and knowing most college kids have plenty of party cups on hand, why not add some LED lights instead of liquid to those festive-time staples and fine-tune your school spirit and brown-nosing ability.

Whether there’s a party planned or not, LED lighting will create a warm, homy feeling, just like mom’s tuna noodle casserole. Chillax under your well-lit loft with new friends as you discuss the merits of Kim Kardashian launching a new mobile app. SPOILER ALERT: There aren’t any! So instead, pass around that cold can of Organic Joe’s O’s, and coordinate your new compadres on a mission to cover the quad in LED lights that spell out “Freshmen rule! Upperclassmen drool!” and see where that takes ya!

“Youth is wasted on the young.”- George Bernard Shaw

80's Dorm Essentials:
1980's Typewriter     Coffe cup with heater     Speghettio's

2016 Dorm Essentials:
Lap Top       Blue Holographic Sphere               Organic Joe's O's