Choosing Warm vs. Cool White LED Lights

Choosing a white light used to be simple–there was only one choice: incandescent clear. With the introduction of LED lights, they attempted to make a white, but it was unfortunately very blue in color. Since then, manufacturing techniques have improved, more choices have become available, and it has become a bit more complicated. Now customers can choose between variations of warm white and cool white. All of the improved shades of white became possible because of advancements in technology that allow the manufacturer to apply different phosphor combinations and thicknesses of layers to create a different white color temperatures.

You don’t have to understand light wavelengths, kelvins, and color temperature to buy lights, but you should understand that there are different types of white available.
Cool White LED: Sometimes known as Pure White, these lights produce a much cooler and vibrant white color. Previous versions of the cool white LED were almost blue looking. That is no longer the case. Newer versions of the cool white LED are more of an icy white, think of a fresh sheet of white printer paper. Cool white is really a fantastic shade, and is used effectively for decorations that involve crisp white tones. It also looks amazing when paired with the other bold colored strands as it enhances the impact of the colored sets.

Warm White LED lights are similar to the light given off by an incandescent bulb. The warm white LED has improved greatly over the past few years. Contrary to many people’s belief, gone are the days of the harsh bluish white LEDs. There are now quality warm white sets available that closely mimic the traditional soft warm, color of old incandescent lights. Warm white lights are a great selection for classic tree lighting and other traditional displays, where a slightly softer, more subdued light is desired.

Which one should you use? It’s just simply a matter of preference.

At LED Holiday Lighting we have cool white or warm white lights for all your decorating needs. Contact us for assistance on choosing the right white LED lights.