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LED Holiday Lighting brings you so many colors of bright, vibrant LED lights, we can’t categorize all the colors and color combinations without an extra category! All these specialty color lights are extra goodies. We have colors like Teal, Burgundy, Antique Candlelight and Champagne. We have cool color mixes too, like Candy Cane, Cool White and Blue, Cool White and Green and Red and Green! Due to the specialized nature of these LED lights, each color is available in one or two styles. For a custom color look, try our new Color-Rite strings which allow you to choose your own unique color combinations. Available on green or white wire, Color-Rite strings are the decorator’s choice for creating a rainbow of color options for any event. Vibrant colors which don’t chip or fade, high quality design, low energy consumption, low heat output, environmentally friendly watt usage and competitive pricing make all the goodies in this section the perfect choice to light up your next special event!

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