Red LED Rope Light - 150 FT Bulk Spool w/ Plugs

Red LED Rope Light - 150 FT Bulk Spool w/ Plugs

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Red LED Rope Light - 150' Spool

Red LED Rop LightThis LED Rope Light is perfect for lighting up patios, porches, and trees - It is easy to use and provides a continuous line of stunning lighting. Use to create unique Christmas displays, light frames, spell words, or for summer or patio lighting. Sold in a 150 foot Bulk Spool, the LED Rope Light can be cut into shorter sections, but must be cut on the specified cut marks. These LED Rope Lights are available in red, gold, orange, blue, green, pure white, warm white, purple, pink, and 4-color multi.

LED Holiday Lighting’s LED Products have a 50,000 hour rating, and are more energy efficient and safer to use, than old incandescent bulbs.

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Rope Light MUST only be cut where there are cut marks. Rope lighting must be uncoiled when plugged in. 
    • 150' Bulk Spool w/ Plugs
    • Diameter (round): 1/2" or 13mm (+-0.2mm)
    • L.E.D. Spacing: 1"
    • Number of L.E.D. per foot: 12 per foot
    • Power Consumption: 0.80 watts/ft
    • Input Voltage: 110V 120V

Accessories Included 
    • CLIP KIT

Product Rating & Review

(0 Ratings, 0 Reviews)