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Multi Colored LED Lights

LED Holiday Lighting has lots of options in Multi Color LED lights! We bring you the classic light string in many new varieties, adding a dazzling kick to the most classic Multi Color LED lights. Available in 5-Color Multi (Red, Green, Blue, Gold, Orange), 5 Color with White Multi (Red, Green, Blue, Gold, and White) and 7-Color Multi (Red, Green, Blue, Gold, Orange, White and Purple), our Multi Color LED light shapes run from M5 Mini Ice, Raspberry G12 Round LED light, Strawberry C6 and Traditional Shaped C7 and C9 LED lights to 5mm Wide Angle Conical, 5mm Twinkle light, 5mm Color Changing, LED White Wire Icicle, Net lights and Tree Trunk Wrap styles. Our NEW line of Color-Rite Super-Brite 3 Piece lights features extra vibrant colors in Multi Color LED lights, with weatherproof interchangeable bulbs to light up the holidays! Unfading brilliant colors, environmentally friendly watt usage, low energy consumption, low heat output, high quality design and competitive pricing make these classic Multi Color LED lights the right twist for any occasion!

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