LED Cherry Tree with Premium Grade LED Cherry Blossom Lights

LED cherry blossom tree light

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Bulb Count: 167
Bulb Shape: Cherry Blossoms
Wire Color: Black
Installation Location: Indoor/Outdoor

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Cherry Blossom Trees

LED Holiday Lightings Cherry Blossom Trees are amazingly versatile decorations bound to enliven any celebration both day and night. This versatile tree is wired with black wire and has 167 low energy LED lights tucked inside clear delicate cherry blossoms.

Green, purple, and white Cherry Blossom Trees make beautiful Easter decorations.

The limbs are bendable allowing you to shape the tree within a center piece perfectly. You have a wide variety of color choices for your Cherry Blossom lights. Red, gold, blue, green, pure white, purple, warm-white and multi-color make matching any theme easy. LED cherry blossom tree lights are perfect for both Wedding Lighting and Valentines Day Lighting. Use the Cherry Blossom tree as a centerpiece or as a room accent. They make a wonderful alternative lighting source at night. The tree can stand alone or put it in a pot to add additional accents around the tree. The feminine flowers will add a glow anywhere. Buy your LED Cherry Blossom Trees today from LED Holiday Lighting.

Utilize a LED Decoration Day or Night with the Elegance and Style of a LED Cherry Blossom Tree

Tree Measures: 24 x 24

LED Colors: red, gold, blue, green, pure white, purple, warm-white and multi-color

Bulbs: 167 Low energy LEDs, 167 total bulbs with an adaptor

Wire Color: black

LED Cherry Tree with LED Cherry Blossom Lights Specifications

LED Bulb Count: 167
LED Bulb Shape: Cherry Blossom LED
LED Bulb Spacing: N/A
Lens Color: Red, Gold, Blue, Green, Purple, Pure White, Warm White, Multi
Wire Color: Black
Wire Length: 74" Long Cord
Wire Type: 22g
Recommended Use: Displays
Installation Location: Indoor Only
Hour Rating: 50,000 Hours
Current: 110-130 (Fullwave Rectified/Flicker Free)
Connectivity: N/A
UL or CSA-US Approved: Yes
ROHS Compliant: Yes
Estimated Shipping: 1-3 Days

Product Rating & Review

(0 Ratings, 0 Reviews)