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Can all of your LED Christmas Lights be used indoors and outdoors?

The one item that cannot be used outdoors is our MicroDot LEDs. They are rated for indoor use only.

All other LED Christmas lights we offer can be used indoors or outdoors.

What is the difference between warm white and cool/pure white LED Lights?

The Warm White we stock will be similar to a traditional incandescent clear color, which will have more of the yellow tones. If you are using any incandescent product in your display we would recommend using the Warm White color.

The Cool -or- Pure White will have a much cooler or icy tone to it, and most people do think it appears brighter in color.

Warm White vs. Cool White
                       Warm White on left  - Cool/Pure White on right.

Can I change/replace an individual LED bulb if it goes out?

No, and yes.

NO - All of the string lights we carry, except for the Color-Rite line of LEDs, are 1-piece construction. Which means that the socket, LED, and bulb housing is all one injection molded piece. Thus the LED is not accessible, by you or moisture, and would not be able to be replaced if it were to go out. If one LED bulb does go out, you only lose that one bulb. They are not like traditional incandescent mini lights where if one bulb goes out you lose a portion of the strand.

YES - The Color-Rite line of LEDs is unique in this fact, as they are 3-piece construction. This does allow you to unscrew the bulb housing to access the LED inside, which is removed by pulling it out of the socket. This feature does allow for custom color combinations to be made as well as a bulb to be replaced if it does go out. For additional information, please view this video.

YES – Any of the LED Retrofit Bulbs can be changed or replaced. These bulbs simply screw/unscrew into standard C7/C9 socket, which allows for easy replacement, or change-out of colors depending on the season.

How many sets of lights can I hook end-to-end?

This will vary based on the specific set of LEDs - Each Product Page will contain info on how many sets can be plugged end-to-end, but below are some general guidelines:

You can find specific information for your own set of lights by looking at the attached UL tag. This will tell you how many watts that individual strand of lights pulls, you will then divide that by 216 (maximum watts end-to-end allowed by UL) which will result in the maximum number of sets you can connect end-to-end.

What is the difference between your Premium Grade LEDs and your Commercial Grade LEDs?

Premium Grade LEDs 
Have a standard male and female plug on either end, just like the traditional incandescent mini-lights do. 
They are on a standard 22 gauge wire – Most sets you can connect up to 45 end-to-end

Commercial Grade LEDs
These have a co-axial connection system, which requires an adaptor plug to be able to plug them into a standard outlet.

They are on a heavier 20 gauge wire – RY series = up to 60 end-to-end - non-RY series = up to 125 end-to-end

Both the Premium Grade and the Commercial Grade product lines are a contractor/professional grade product and feature a 1-Piece bulb construction (except for the Color-Rite line of LEDs – these are a 3-piece construction), which provides a water-tight seal, and thus the LED itself is not compromised by moisture.

Either type offers 7 bulb styles and 10 brilliant colors to choose from, which are all made from a virtually unbreakable acrylic plastic.

What does ‘full wave’ mean for LED Lights?

Not all LEDs are the same - Most of what you find in the big box stores will be half wave or non-rectified product - What we sell is full-wave or rectified product. For additional information, please view this video.

The rectifier converts the AC power to DC power which results in the LEDs turning on/off very quickly. This happens so fast that to the human eye it looks like a constant light output. With a half wave product this on/off happens about 60 times per second, which can result in a flickering or waving look to the light output. With a full wave product, the on/off happens about 120 times per second, which results in a much ‘smoother’ or non-flickering look to the light output, and at this speed, it is virtually undetectable to the human eye.

Full Wave Rectified LEDs are going to be a higher quality LED, resulting in a brighter/truer color and flicker-free light output.

Are your LEDs dimmable?

Yes, pretty much all of the LEDs we offer are dimmable and will work with animation controllers. The few exceptions would be the color changing and twinkling LED Retrofit Bulbs, as well as the C7/C9 Champagne Smooth LED Retrofit Bulbs. The Color-Rite line of LEDs is dimmable but it does have some limitations on the low end. (Please call if you need additional technical information)

What is the benefit to going with the LED Retrofit Bulbs instead of the C7/C9 string lights?

For starters, the LED Retrofit bulbs we carry will be brighter than their C7/C9 String Light counterparts, which is a big concern for most people switching from an incandescent C7/C9 bulb to a LED version. If you use the LED Retrofit Bulbs and the C7/C9 socket wire or stringers, you achieve a custom, more professional look, by being able to cut the exact lengths of wire you need for your project.

For example, if you have 33 feet of the roofline to light - If you were using the LED Retrofit Bulbs and Socket Wire, you could simply cut 33 feet and have the exact length you need - If you use String Lights, you must use up the full length of the string. Most are about 25 feet long, which means you would need 2 sets to fully light the roofline, which would leave you with 17 extra feet of lights -or- you could use one set and have 8 feet of the roofline unlit - You cannot cut the wire.

Do your LEDs require an adaptor plug?

Most of our products do NOT require an adaptor plug, but there are a few exceptions:

Commercial LED String Lights do require an adaptor plug to be able to plug them into a regular outlet. If the Commercial LEDs you are purchasing have an RY at the end of the part number you will also need to order a #C05065RY adaptor plug to be able to plug them in - You can plug up to 60 sets end-to-end into this adaptor plug.  If the commercial LEDs you are ordering do NOT have an RY at the end of the part number, you will need the #C05002 adaptor plug. You can plug up to 125 sets end-to-end into this adaptor plug.

LED Cascading Tube Lights also require an adaptor plug to be able to plug them into a regular outlet. If the Tube Lights you are purchasing have black wire (-B at end of part number), you will also need to order a #50100-B adaptor plug to be able to plug them in - You can plug up to 200 tubes end-to-end into this adaptor plug. If the Tube Lights you are purchasing have a white wire, you will need the #50100 adaptor plug to be able to plug them in - You can plug up to 200 tubes end-to-end into this adaptor plug.


Why are some colors of LEDs more expensive than others?

The price of LEDs, just like any other product, is based on what it costs to make them. With LEDs, the color is a big variance in the actual cost of production. A Light-Emitting Diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits incoherent narrow-spectrum light when electrically biased in the forward direction. This effect is a form of electroluminescence. The color of the emitted light depends on the chemical composition of the semiconducting material used. Some colors, require a more expensive chemical composition and additional steps to create than others, therefore they are more expensive to produce. Generally speaking Red, Yellow/Gold, and Orange will be the least expensive colors - Blue, Green, and Multi will be next - Warm White or Cool/Pure will be next - With the speciality colors, Purple, Pink, and Teal being the most expensive.

On-Site FAQ's

How do I find a product?

You can easily find a product by browsing through our many product category tabs, or you can use our Shop By Bulb Shape -or- Shop By Color tabs to quickly find the specific shape or color of bulb you are looking for. You also can utilize our search bar, which is located at the top right-hand corner of the page, just below the shopping cart.

Still not finding what you are looking for? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you in finding it. You can either send us an e-mail via the contact us link at the bottom of the home page, or you can call us toll-free at (855)800-5055.

For a summary of the bulb shapes, their differences, and typical uses, please watch this video.

How do I place an Order?

    • Once you have found the product you would like to purchase, simply click on the product
    • Enter the quantity you wish to purchase and hit the ‘Add To Cart’ button - You will repeat this process until your shopping is complete.
    • You can access your cart (view the items in it, change the quantity ordered, or remove items from the cart) at any time by clicking on the Shopping Cart in the top right-hand corner of the page.
    • When your shopping is complete you can review your order on the Shopping Cart page - You will need to confirm the items on the order, and the quantities you would like to purchase.
    • Enter your zip code and click on the "Get Rates" tab to calculate the estimated shipping and tax. At this point, you can choose the method of shipment, as well as select expedited shipping if necessary.
    • If you have any coupons you can enter those codes now, and hit "Apply", for the discounts to be reflected in the order total.
    • Once the order is confirmed and you have selected your method of shipment, simply click on the "Check Out" tab
    • Customer Information Page - you will enter your shipping information, confirm if the billing address and shipping address are the same, and enter your e-mail address. Click "Next"
    • Shipping Screen - you will confirm the method of shipment, enter any gift certificate information, and select the shipping address as a business or residential address. Click "Next"
    • Review and Payment Screen – Provide payment information (Credit Card -or- PayPal) and make customer notes which will be attached to the order. Click "Place Your Order"
    • Confirm Order Screen – At this point your card will be verified, but the card will not be charged until the order has shipped.

Can I change an order that has already been submitted?

Unfortunately, you cannot change an order thru the website once you have submitted it to us. If you need to change an order please call us right away (855-800-5055), and we will do whatever we can to adjust the order as needed. We strive to ship all orders within 24 hours of receiving them, so depending on when you submitted the order we may, or may not be able to change it for you.

Can I have my order delivered on the weekend?

If the carrier chosen offers Saturday delivery (based on your shipping location and time frame) we can use that as the shipping option. Please Note: There is an additional charge for UPS to deliver on Saturdays.

FedEx Home Delivery Option will deliver to residential addresses Tuesday thru Saturday.

UPS and FedEx do not offer Sunday Delivery.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes, we can ship almost anywhere our shipping carriers will deliver.
Please Note: You will be responsible for any taxes and/or duty associated with the products shipping outside the US.

Can I order over the phone?

It is to your benefit to place your order thru the website, as these orders are the first to be processed (picked and shipped). Placing your order thru the website also allows for better tracking of your shipments as well as the ability to look up past orders. If you are having trouble placing your order, or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 855-800-5055.

Can I track my order status?

Yes, you can track the shipment as soon as it has left our warehouse. Once your order has been packed and the shipping label has been created, we will input the tracking information into the website. At that point, we will send you an e-mail confirming the order has shipped as well as the tracking number. (Please Note: You may receive this e-mail before the package(s) have left our warehouse - The tracking number(s) will not work until the package(s) have been picked up and scanned by the carrier) You can also find the tracking information for your shipment thru your account on the website.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

We know you are excited about the product you just ordered and want to see it as soon as possible. At LEDHOLIDAYLIGHTING.COM we strive to fill and ship your order the same day you place it. This can almost be guaranteed if your order is placed before 3:00 CST, but please note, this lead time may vary during the holiday shipping season.

The shipping time itself will vary depending on where the LEDs are being sent to. Please check out the Shipping Chart for specific shipping transit times.

Do you offer any quantity discounts?

Yes, we offer multiple levels of quantity discounts, and these discount levels are listed right on the website. Once you have selected the product and color you are looking for, a pricing table will appear showing the quantity levels and the associated price for that quantity.

Looking for larger quantities that are listed? -or- Large quantities of multiple products? Please call us at 855-800-5055, or use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page, and we would be more than happy to special quote you on your specific needs.