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LED Holiday lighting offers a large variety of LED Net Lights. Christmas LED Net Lights are perfect for decorating shrubs and bushes as the provide a quick an easy light decorating solution. LED Net Lights are available in a variety of colors to meet all lighting occasion needs. Looking for a quick, effective way to decorate your bushes this Christmas? Choose LED Net Christmas lights for a quality lighting product without the wrapping hassle of LED light strings.

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Net Light FAQ:

Can I Use LED Net Lights on a Christmas Tree?

  •  Absolutely, our net lights measure 4’x6’ with an even 4” light spacing.

How many net lights can you string together?

  • Red, Multi, Gold, Orange – 45 sets end-to-end 
  • White, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, and Teal – 25 sets end-to-end


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