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LED Strand Comparison:                 Premium Grade vs Big Box Brands

LED Holiday Lighting supplies superior quality, long lasting LED Christmas light strings. Cheap LED Christmas lights from big-box stores often use inferior two-piece construction, which allows moisture to ruin the LED lights. If your retail bulbs are burnt out by year two, you can blame two-piece construction. LED Holiday Lighting uses fully water resistant one piece and three piece LEDs in our brilliant light strings.

Browse three piece LED light strings for dependable, long lasting Christmas decorations.

Full Wave - Flicker Free LED Christmas Lighting for Every Occasion

LED Holiday Lighting has a premium selection of LED Christmas lights.  We offer you a wide variety of LED bulb styles in a multitude of colors and we stock inventory year round for all your Holiday decorating needs. LED Holiday Lighting brings you the Conical 5mm LED lights with a super bright, wide angle beam for all seasons of decorating!  Vibrant colors that won’t fade, long lifetimes, low energy consumption, durable weather resistant bulbs and competitive pricing make our products the best.  From our most popular  M5 Mini Ice LED lights to our round Raspberry shaped LED G12 lights, to the medium sized Strawberry C6 LED Lights, to the traditional shaped C7 and C9 LED lighting styles, all the lights available to you from LED Holiday Lighting are the highest quality LED light products on the market.

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LED Holiday Lighting brings you fun and innovative strands like our 5mm Twinkle Lights, softly winking on and off, and  5mm Color Changing Lights which are a great way to add extra pizazz to decorations! To see them in action, check out our example LED light videos. For an elegant look at any occasion, check out our beautiful cherry blossom led strands available in 3 colors. LED Holiday Lighting also has a completely new innovation in LED light technology this year! Color-Rite Super-Brite 3 Piece lights are available in many colors on both green and white wire, with interchangeable bulbs and durable weather resistant design. The vibrancy and versatility that Color-Rite Super-Brite 3 Piece lights supply make them the perfect decorating choice!