Color-Rite LED Strands

Color-Rite Holiday LED Bulbs:                   3-Piece Construction

These bright Christmas LED lights feature three-piece construction for flexibility and water resistance. One-piece LED bulbs are dramatically more water resistant than two-piece bulbs from a standard retail store, but can’t be swapped and customized. LED Holiday Lighting’s new three-piece bulbs consist of a socket, an LED chip, and a water resistant bulb cover. These premium quality LED bulbs come in 5mm smooth, M5, C5, and C9 styles. Contact our Christmas light display experts with any and all questions.

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LED Christmas lights from Color-Rite include innovative M5, C5, C9 and 5mm LED lights. These LED light strings use 3-piece LED bulbs for durable, weather-resistant Christmas decorations capable of easy color swapping and LED bulb replacement.

These LED Christmas lights stay lit when any adjacent LED bulbs are removed, eliminating the need to hunt for that one missing Christmas light. These LED bulbs are fully interchangeable for a near infinite number of patterns and color combinations on your LED light string.

Order green or white wire Color-Rite LED Christmas lights to blend in with your lawn, trees, or even snow. The white wire LED lights are perfect for LED wedding decorating, Easter lights, summer party lights and custom frame decorating.

The vibrancy and versatility of the new Color-Rite Super-Brite LED Christmas lights make these lights the perfect choice for any led decorating need!

Shop LED light strings by bulb shape for brilliant holiday lighting displays.