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NEW Color-Rite 5mm LED Holiday Lights

The outstanding new technology of Color-Rite interchangeable 5mm LED Holiday Lights is truly amazing! LED Holiday Lighting is proud to offer these one of a kind interchangeable LED Christmas lights. You won’t find this feature anywhere else. The 5mm LED Christmas Lights feature a 3 piece construction allowing you to change the bulbs out, therefore opening up a world of possibilities when it comes to color themes! Create your own color masterpiece by picking and choosing as you please! When one bulb of these Color-Rite 5mm LED Christmas Lights is missing the rest will still keep on beaming brightly. No worries about losing half of your LED light stream from one bad bulb. These long lasting, versatile, and extremely weather resistant Color-Rite 5mm LED Christmas Lights come in a wide variety of color from green and purple for Easter, to red white and blue for 4th of July! The conical shape of the 5mm LED Christmas Lights offer up a bright mesmerizing light in all directions! This is a whole new holiday and event LED lighting technology that makes moving from one holiday to the next so much fun! Check out our full selection of quality 5mm Color-Rite LED lights today and fall in love!

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5MM Color Rite Super Brite LED Lights Purple on White Wire
5mm Smooth LED Light - (COLOR-RITE) - Premium Grade - 50 Light Count
5mm Smooth LED Light - (COLOR-RITE) - Premium Grade - 50 Light Count
LED COLOR-RITE Stringer 5MM, 50L - Full Wave