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C7 Series ColorWave LED Lights- 50 Light Count

Color Changing LED Christmas Lights C7 Commercial Grade
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C7 Series ColorWave LED Lights- 50 Light Count

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Bulb Count: 50
Bulb Shape: C7
Bulb Spacing: 12"
Wire Color: Green
Set Length: 50 FT
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C7 ColorWave LED Light Strings - 50 Bulb Count

Commercial Christmas LED light strands create stunning holiday displays. These C7 color changing Christmas LED lights are very beautiful and unique. Two options are available for our color changing LEDs. Your holiday light display can change from red to blue or blue to white with these bulbs by LED Holiday. Each Christmas light strand contains 50 beautiful LED bulbs spaced 12 inches apart. A dark green wire connects the bulbs to match the background for beautiful Christmas light decorating.

Energy efficient color changing LED lights are great for lighting up patios, rooftops, and trees. These bulbs can fall from high places without breaking and stay out all winter long, making them a great choice for indoor and outdoor displays. Enjoy up to 50,000 hours of color changing LED Christmas lights.

LED Holiday offers a large selection of unique Christmas lighting in a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Our bulbs are reliable and create the most beautiful Christmas displays.

Commercial Grade LED Light Strands are available in a wide range of colors and bulb-options to create dramatic effects. Rugged construction includes the use of heavy-gauge wire, thick plastic lampholders, and end-to-end plug connections for shock-resistant and tamper-resistant installations.

No power adapter is needed.

Shop LED Christmas light displays for enchanting lighting during any occasion.

C7 Color Changing LED Christmas Light Specifications

LED Bulb Count: 50
LED Bulb Shape: C7
LED Bulb Spacing: 12"
Lens Color: Red to Blue, Blue to Green, Blue to White, Red to Green
Wire Color: Green Wire
Wire Length: 50' Long; 6" lead wire; 6" tail wire
Wire Type: 20 Gauge String
Recommended Use: Christmas Trees, Palm Trees, Deciduous Trees, & Porches
Installation Location: Indoor/Outdoor
Hour Rating: 50,000 Hours
Current: 110-130 (Fullwave Rectified/Flicker Free)
Connectivity: 6 Strands End-to-End
UL or CSA-US Approved: Yes
ROHS Compliant: Yes
Estimated Shipping: 1-3 Days
Manufacturer: Diogen

Click here to view our C7 Blue to White ColorWave Video, or click here to view our C7 Red to Blue ColorWave Video.

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