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Our wide selection of C6 bulbs features the C6 “Strawberry” LED Christmas lights as well as C6 series “Twinkle Lights”. Choose from a huge variety of colors including red, yellow/gold, orange, blue, pink, purple, green, warm white, pure white, champagne and multi-color on green wire strings.

C6 LED Christmas Lights are flicker-free, long-lasting, weather-resistant, and the perfect LED Christmas lights for your year-round events and displays. Shop our online selection of C6 LED Christmas lights and fulfill all your decorating needs.

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C6 "Strawberry" LED Lights - Premium Grade - 70 Light Count
from From $20.99 to $26.49
Bulb Shape: Strawberry-Full Wave
Multi Color LED Christmas Lights Strawberry
C6 "Strawberry" LED Lights - Commercial Grade - 25 Light Count
from From $17.49 to $22.99
Commercial LED Stringer C6, 25L light set - 20 gauge wire