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NEW Color-Rite C5 LED Holiday Lights

Similar to the popular C6 shape lights, new Color-Rite C5 LED Holiday Lights have the fun pinecone-like shape now with added features. LED Holiday Lighting is proudly the first to add interchangeable 3 piece construction steams of lights! This means that you can create any color masterpiece you choose with ease! With the flicker-resistant full wave technology, Color-Rite LED C5 Christmas Lights are festive, fancy, and bright. Get the multi 5 colored lights and interchange whatever color theme suits your event, or buy a variety of individual colors such as red, white, and blue for the 4th of July! Your color possibilities are endless with Color-Rite LED C5 Holiday Lights! As with all of our LED Christmas Lights, these Color-RiteLED C5 Christmas lights are also extremely weather resistant, long lasting, and versatile. Your event decoration lighting can’t go wrong with these, so start picking your colors now!

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C5 LED - (COLOR-RITE) -Premium Grade - 50 Light Count
C5 LED - (COLOR-RITE) -Premium  Grade - 50 Light Count

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