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C5 LED Christmas lights are available online. C5 LED Christmas lights have the ever popular pinecone-like shape and are flicker free, similar to the C6 LED Christmas lights. LED C5 Christmas Lights have a fancy, festive shape and deliver bright colorful LED lighting to any event. We carry C5 LED Christmas lights in a wide range of color including: warm white led lights, pure white led lights, green led lights, blue led lights, purple led lights, yellow/gold led lights, red led lights, orange led lights, pink led lights, and 5 multi-color. LED Holiday Lighting offers the C5 LED Christmas Lights with your choice of green or white wire. Our Color-Rite C5 LED Christmas lights are interchangeable as well, allowing you to create your own LED light color stream for any occasion! Shop our C5 LED Christmas lights online for all your LED event and holiday lighting needs.

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C5 LED - (COLOR-RITE) -Premium Grade - 50 Light Count
C5 LED - (COLOR-RITE) -Premium  Grade - 50 Light Count

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