5MM LED NET Lights - Premium Grade - 100 Light Count - 45 Sets End-to-End


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  • 5-Multi Color 5MM LED NET Lights - Premium Grade - 100 Light Count
  • Red 5MM LED NET Lights - Premium Grade - 100 Light Count
  • Gold 5MM LED NET Lights - Premium Grade - 100 Light Count
  • Orange 5MM LED NET Lights - Premium Grade - 100 Light Count
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5MM Net LED Lights

LED Holiday Lighting brings you 5MM net LED lights for decorating bushes and shrubs. 5MM net LED Christmas lights feature 100 bulbs spaced evenly across the 8 inch by 13 inch squares on a green wire. Choose from a selection of red, gold, orange, and 5-multi. LED net Christmas lights to customize your display for any holiday. These bulbs are popular for Christmas, Halloween and LED Valentine's Day lighting. They are also crafted with waterproof acrylic and plastic, making for safe and durable for use outdoors.

LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient holiday lights on the market. These 5MM net LED lights include a 50,000 hour bulb life rating, providing years of stunning displays. Full Wave technology ensures a flicker-free, fully rectified current, providing better quality lighting than traditional bulbs. Replace those outdated incandescent lights with our cost-effective 5MM net LED Christmas lights today!

Check out all of our LED Christmas lights and other special occasion lights for your most energy-efficient holiday displays indoors and outdoors.
Bulb Count:
Bulb Shape:
Installation Location:
45 Strands End to End
UL or CSA-US Approved:
110-130 (Fullwave Rectified/Flicker Free)
Hour Rating:
50,000 Hours
ROHS Compliant:
Wire Color:
Bulb Spacing:
8" x 13" Squares
Set Length:
4' X 6'
Wire Lead/Tail:
12" Lead / 12" Tail
Wire Type:
#22 Gauge
Recommended Uses:
Bushes, Tree trunks, Palm Trees, Railings/posts, Porch/Patio/Deck
Bulb Construction:
1 Piece Construction
Set Connections:
End-to-end plug