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Cascading LED Tube Lights - 12" - Black Wire

Warm White Meteor Light

Cascading LED Tube Lights - 12" - Black Wire

from $21.99
Bulb Shape: Cascade Light Tube
Wire Color: Black
Installation Location: Indoor/Outdoor
Connectivity: 200 Tubes
Hour Rating: 50,000 Hours
Current: 110-130V
UL or CSA-US Approved: Yes
ROHS Compliant: Yes
Water Proof: Yes
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These striking cascading snowfall LED light tubes are available in warm white and pure white.

12" LED Cascading Light Tubes Black Wire

These snowfall LED cascading Christmas tube lights also known as meteor lights, are perfect for creating intriguing holiday lighting for patios, porches and trees. Tube lights from LED Holiday are built to last years with high quality materials to protect the bulbs from extreme temperatures and being dropped from high distances. These exquisite LED cascading Christmas tube lights provide up to 50,000 hours of energy efficient, flicker free lighting to provide enchanting displays all season long. Each tube light measures 12 inches long and is available in pure white and warm white. The 4 way tube light connector allows you to mix and match different tube light colors and sizes to customize your LED Christmas lighting display.

Striking Meteor lights create the most intriguing displays for your yard. The meteor lights have random drop speeds and alternate speeds between cycles, keeping the display unique and giving off the effect of falling icicles. These stunning tube lights have up to 200 bulbs connected end to end per power cord. LED Holiday has a great selection of Christmas lighting to create enchanting displays.

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Requires 'Cascading LED Tube Light Power Cord Black Wire' (see below), item # 50100-B, in order to connect coaxial end to a standard power outlet.

Tube Features:
Can be viewed from all sides
Random drops when multiple tubes are connected
Different drop speeds between each cycle
Tubes connect with a co-axial connection system, which gives you a water-tight seal and does not allow the ends to come apart.
Create custom color and length combinations
Connect up to 200 tubes, end-to-end on 1 plug

12" LED Cascading Light Specifications

LED Count: 16 LEDs per tube
LED Bulb Shape: Cascade Light Tube
LED Bulb Spacing: N/A
Lens Color: Warm White, Pure White
Wire Color: Black Wire
Wire Length: 6" lead wire; 6" tail wire
Wire Type: 18 Gauge Wire
Recommended Use: Outdoor Trees, Storefronts, Rooflines
Installation Location: Indoor/Outdoor
Hour Rating: 50,000 Hours
Current: 110-130 (Fullwave Rectified/Flicker Free)
Connectivity: 200 Tubes per power cord
UL or CSA-US Approved: Yes
ROHS Compliant: Yes
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