LED Holiday Lighting 10th Anniversary Celebration 

Since 2006, LED Holiday Lighting has been a leader in the sales and distribution of LED lighting products. LED Holiday Lighting is an American company founded in Minnesota - We were one of the first companies to start importing led string lights and dimmable led bulbs and have worked closely with only the best factories in China to bring in the highest quality product and latest innovations in led technology.

Not only has our company grown and changed over the past 10 years, so has LED technology - From the first LEDs that were only offered in 3 colors and 1 bulb shape - To the vibrant rainbow of colors, 14+ bulb shapes, and many other specialty items like Tube Lights, Spheres, Laser Projection LightsSnowflakes, and RGB Lights that are offered now. By focusing on quality, reliability, and premier customer service, we have established a leading presence in the LED Lighting industry.

 Save money, save energy, help the environment by purchasing LED lights from LED Holiday Lighting.

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