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LED Holiday Lighting Christmas Light Recycling - 10% discount on new lights, when recycling old lights

About LED Holiday Lighting

LED Holiday Lighting presents a full selection of high-grade LED Christmas lights to brighten your indoor and outdoor events, parties, and holidays, all at a great price.

Take your special occasions to another level with quality, energy efficient LED Christmas lights. LED Holiday Lighting has been in business since LED string lights were first available, and we strive to bring you the best products, cutting edge LED technology and improvements, and competitive pricing. With a huge selection of LED Christmas lights in every color and shape imaginable, LED Holiday Lighting strings together a brilliant assortment of LED lighting products perfect for every occasion.

Decorate with the best this holiday season!

Beginner's Guide to LED Christmas Lights

M5 LED Twinkle Lights feature flicker-free technology for optimal lighting performance C7 LED Twinkle replacement or retrofit bulbs offer complete customization

LED Twinkle Lights (Available in 5MM, M5, C7)

LED Twinkle lights are a beautiful addition to any holiday display. From Valentine’s Day to Christmas and any event in between, our wide array of LED Twinkle lights are the perfect way to add a little extra sparkle to any celebration.

As with all of our LED Christmas Light products, 5MM, M5, and C7 Twinkle lights are weather resistant, rated for indoor and outdoor use, and are manufactured using durable acrylic plastic. Our LED lighting products provide low energy consumption, low heat output, and are an environmentally friendly choice for all of your lighting needs.

Icicle lights add a pop of unique character to any room or outdoor area with minimal effort. With a variety of colors, not to mention the option of using either C7 or C9 LED lights, the possibilities really are endless.

LED Holiday Lighting's LED icicle lights boast low heat output and high energy efficiency. You can string up to 45 icicle light strands end-to-end - from one outlet.

Icicle Bulbs Hanging Icicle Strands
LED Net Lights LED Trunk Wraps

Easily wrap bushes, trees, shrubs and more with the help of these bright and beautiful net and trunk wraps. These 5mm LED lights are available in a variety of colors; the time of year and occasion you use them for is resticted only by your imagination.

Net lights make tree-trunk and bush lighting simple and quick, letting you avoid the hassle of wrapping string lights.

Battery operated, fairy light LED Micro Dots add flair to create perfect centerpieces for formal events, ambient lighting for any room in your home, or show off your Bonsai's unique characteristics. The possible applications of the Fairy Lights stand out from the crowd since no outlets are needed. You can select from white or green wire and warm-white or multi-colored lenses. The LED lights run for 60 to 100 hours on one set of AA batteries (not included).

Battery Operated and LED Fairy Lights LED Battery Operated Lights
LED M5 Color Changing ColorWave Lights LED C7 Color Changing ColorWave Lights

Brighten your bar, porch, Christmas tree, house, backyard, and more with our color-changing lights. They perfectly morph from one color into the next without hesitation or a flicker effect - keeping you, your guests, and neighbors mezmerized.

Choose from the sleek M5 bulb or the classic C7 bulb. Thick-gauged wire offers weather-resistant characteristics.

Cherry blossom strands and trees give your existing tree an eye-catching look. They're perfect for Easter lighting decorations.

With the tree, you get an artificial tree that lets you shape it to you specifications. Use it as a room's centerpiece or add a unique, decorative ambient light anytwhere in your home.

LED Cherry Tree with Premium Grade LED Cherry Blossom Lights LED Cherry Blossom Lights
Dimmable LED Spotlights Dimmable LED PAR 38 Spotlights

LED Spotlights are a great alternative to any floodlight application. Whether it’s for general outside lighting or holiday lighting, these LED spotlights save energy and last up to 50,000 lighting hours.

Each spotlight is 4.75-in. in diameter (PAR38) and contain 90 LEDs. They fit into any E27 Edison medium base or standard flood light socket. Use inside or outside. These LED spotlights are perfect for animated lighting or light shows. They are ROHS compliant, UL, CSA-US approved, and water-proof.

With 4-in. to 12-in. spacing, these RGB lights are incredibly versatile, containing 120 different effects combining speeds and colors. RGB light sets includes a 25-bulb light string, an RGB mini controller, and a 1.5 Amp RGB power supply. The attached USB port allows live control via PC.

The mini controller can control up to 500 lights on a single string, or 5,000 lights when wired in parallel (all drops displaying the same thing). The 1.5 amp power supply can power up to 2 strings of lights (50 bulbs). The RGB Remote Control can change the color, brightness, effects, and pattern.

RGB Programmable Lights Remote Control for RGB Lights
LED Light Sphere 7.5-in. Multi Color LED Light Sphere 7.5-in.

Light spheres are almost like a mix of a discoball and a paper lamp.

The light spheres come in 10 colors including multi. With 120 5 mm LEDs, the light sphere gives off quite a lot of luminescence.

They're great for hanging on very large trees - they look like big glowing ornaments.

LED Rope lights offer a unique look. They're flexible, weather-resistant, and can be trimmed at specific intervals to fit your specific needs. Pick what color works perfectly with your decor. No matter where you put them, in your bar, home, patio, or anywhere else, these classic ropelights will guide the way while adding a unique flavor.

Celebrate the season with our snowflake LED rope light. Bright, white and sure to catch anyone's attention, this unique piece of light art will brighten those long winter nights.

LED Rope Light Warm White LED Rope Light Snowflake
Prelit LED Trees Prelit LED Wreaths

Buy Christmas trees, wreaths and garland at great prices from LED Holiday lighting. Choose between LED and incandescent lights. Our pre-lit Christmas trees come in 7'5'', 9'5'', and 12' options. Our pre-lit wreaths come in 24'', 36'', 48'', and 60'' options. Our pre-lit garland is 9' long and 14'' wide.

Our pre-lit greenery has deep-green, real-looking characteristics making them look just like the real thing. Our LED options are lit with 5mm LED bulbs and our incandescent options are lit with standard incandescent mini lights.

LED Holiday Lighting - LED Christmas Lights for Every Occasion

Let LED Holiday Lighting brighten all your special occasions with quality, energy efficient LED Christmas lights. LED Holiday Lighting has been in business since LED string lights were first available, and we strive to bring you the best products, cutting edge LED technology and improvements, competitive pricing and a large LED inventory year round. With a huge selection of LED Christmas lights in every color and shape imaginable, LED Holiday Lighting strings together a brilliant assortment of LED lighting products perfect for every occasion.

LED Lighting - Christmas Lights, Halloween Lights, & Weddings Lighting

LED Holiday Lighting is your premium online source for quality LED Christmas lighting. Everything from LED Christmas lighting, Wedding LED lights, LED Halloween lights, LED Valentine lights, and virtually any special occasion lighting can be found at LED Holiday Lighting. Brilliantly achieve every ambiance imaginable from an elegant warm white glow setting the perfect mood for a wedding to a frightful, on the edge of your seat flicker for the ideal Halloween scare, with LED Christmas lights from LED Holiday Lighting. LED Holiday Lighting has every style of LED lighting and LED color imaginable, turning the brightest decorating dream into a glowing reality.

LED Christmas lights are perfect for decorating trees, wreaths, centerpieces, garlands, garden walls, gazebos, rooftops, college dorms, highlighting fine architecture, and have many applications both indoors and out. With our specialty LED lighting collection from LED net lights to trunk wraps, the decorative possibilities are endless! We have several unique LED lighting products from our new Dimmable LED retrofit bulbs to our LED Cascading snowfall lights. Be sure to check out or newest LED Lighting Products; Twinkle LED Lighting, color changing LED lights, and the all new Color-Rite Super-Brite 3 Piece lights.

Energy Efficient LED Christmas Lights

LED light strands are energy efficient, safe, and long lasting. LED lights consume 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs! This low energy consumption reduces light costs from one holiday to the next. Unlike incandescent lights, LED lights convert 90% of their energy to light vs. heat, making them safe for both indoor and outdoor use. LED’s superior quality and energy efficiency makes them a cost effective Christmas lighting solution. Shop our wide selection of quality, energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting online for all occasions.

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LED Holiday Lighting brings you the latest LED technology advancements at competitive prices in all areas of seasonal lighting. This season, we look forward to becoming your preferred LED Christmas lighting retailer. Our LED lights feature a high quality standard unmatched by big-box retail stores, ensuring a long lasting brilliant shine, season after season! Brighten the holidays with LED Christmas lights from LED Holiday Lighting! Shop our wide selection of quality, energy efficient LED lighting online for all occasions.

If you don’t see what you are looking for or would like more information about the ideal LED lights for your application, contact LED Holiday Lighting online or call us at 855-800-5055.