LED Cascading Tube Lights

LED light tube light products are an amazing way to light up the holidays. These beautiful cascading LED lights are also known as snow tubes or blizzard tubes. They are perfect for hanging vertically along rooflines or randomly in trees. Tube light cascading LED's can be viewed from all sides and look absolutely gorgeous as LED light sequences cascade down the tube lights at different speeds, giving the effect of a random meteor shower. Available in 3 sizes and 4 colors, with unique install accessories available, the creative possibilities are endless. For more information on LED tube light cascading lights, we have provided an informational video highlighting the functionality and showing the gorgeousness of these truly unique lights! Why settle for less? Competitive pricing, unique versatility and environmentally friendly watt usage make these brilliant lights the best way to add LED lighting magic to this year’s holiday season.

These enchanting Christmas light tubes are also referred to as "meteor shower" or "snowfall" LED lights.

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