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LED Holiday Lighting Christmas Light Recycling - 10% discount on new lights, when recycling old lights

Brighten the Holidays with LED Christmas Lights

This holiday season, decorate with the best Christmas lights. LED Holiday Lighting brings you a full line of premium and commercial grade LED Christmas light products to brighten your holidays, all at a great price.

Our line of LED Christmas lighting products features LED string lights, LED icicle lights, net and trunk wraps, cascading tube lights, LED white wire lights, Color-Rite strands, dimmable LED retrofit bulbs, color morphing / changing LED strands and bulbs, pre-lit greenery, and LED lighting accessories. Light your Christmas trees both indoors and out with energy efficient LED string lights available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Light your rooflines with LED icicle lights available in a large variety of bulb colors and sizes. Light your bushes and shrubs with LED net lights or your chimney with LED trunk wrap lights to achieve quick and easy, evenly spaced, visually appealing lighting ambiance. Let it snow this holiday season with LED snowfall lights, setting your trees and rooflines aglow! Our LED Cascading lights are great for holiday displays and store front windows. Be sure to check out our line of pre-lit greenery for wreaths, garland, and bows to decorate your doors.

Decorate with the best this holiday season! With environmentally friendly watt usage and great competitive pricing from LED Holiday Lighting you can’t afford not to!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from LED Holiday Lighting. Our Gift to You - Christmas LED Lights

LED Holiday Lighting - LED Christmas Lights for Every Occasion

Let LED Holiday Lighting brighten all your special occasions with quality, energy efficient LED Christmas lights. LED Holiday Lighting has been in business since LED string lights were first available, and we strive to bring you the best products, cutting edge LED technology and improvements, competitive pricing and a large LED inventory year round. With a huge selection of LED Christmas lights in every color and shape imaginable, LED Holiday Lighting strings together a brilliant assortment of LED lighting products perfect for every occasion.

LED Lighting - Christmas Lights, Halloween Lights, & Weddings Lighting

LED Holiday Lighting is your premium online source for quality LED Christmas lighting. Everything from LED Christmas lighting, Wedding LED lights, LED Halloween lights, LED Valentine lights, and virtually any special occasion lighting can be found at LED Holiday Lighting. Brilliantly achieve every ambiance imaginable from an elegant warm white glow setting the perfect mood for a wedding to a frightful, on the edge of your seat flicker for the ideal Halloween scare, with LED Christmas lights from LED Holiday Lighting. LED Holiday Lighting has every style of LED lighting and LED color imaginable, turning the brightest decorating dream into a glowing reality.

LED Christmas lights are perfect for decorating trees, wreaths, centerpieces, garlands, garden walls, gazebos, rooftops, college dorms, highlighting fine architecture, and have many applications both indoors and out. With our specialty LED lighting collection from LED net lights to trunk wraps, the decorative possibilities are endless! We have several unique LED lighting products from our new Dimmable LED retrofit bulbs to our LED Cascading snowfall lights. Be sure to check out or newest LED Lighting Products; Twinkle LED Lighting, color changing LED lights, and the all new Color-Rite Super-Brite 3 Piece lights.

Energy Efficient LED Christmas Lights

LED light strands are energy efficient, safe, and long lasting. LED lights consume 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs! This low energy consumption reduces light costs from one holiday to the next. Unlike incandescent lights, LED lights convert 90% of their energy to light vs. heat, making them safe for both indoor and outdoor use. LED’s superior quality and energy efficiency makes them a cost effective Christmas lighting solution. Shop our wide selection of quality, energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting online for all occasions.

Contact Led Holiday Lighting

LED Holiday Lighting brings you the latest LED technology advancements at competitive prices in all areas of seasonal lighting. This season, we look forward to becoming your preferred LED Christmas lighting retailer. Our LED lights feature a high quality standard unmatched by big-box retail stores, ensuring a long lasting brilliant shine, season after season! Brighten the holidays with LED Christmas lights from LED Holiday Lighting! Shop our wide selection of quality, energy efficient LED lighting online for all occasions.

If you don’t see what you are looking for or would like more information about the ideal LED lights for your application, contact LED Holiday Lighting online or call us at 855-800-5055.